A war that
lasted 10

After the declaration of independence of Slovenia in June 1991, the Yugoslav People’s army was deployed on its territory and the so-called ten-day war broke out. The Slovenian army had less equipment and fewer personnel, but it was well braced for combat. The Yugoslav army was stronger, but it was not united and underestimated the onslaught on Slovenia (for example, its food supplies were not properly managed.)

Slovenia was not a priority for the Serbs. There was no Serbian minority living there, and so the war was quickly over.

We all followed the news about this war and said to one another that something like that would not happen in our country.

Erna, citizen of Sarajevo

The break-up of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia started with the independence of Slovenia.

Jedna vojna,
tri príbehy

in Croatia

Kým Slováci na severe krajiny dovolenkovali, inde zúrila vojna.

O vojne v Chorvátsku

War in Bosnia
and Herzegovina

Krajina, kde bojovali všetci proti všetkým.

O vojne v Bosne a Hercegovine

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